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Tim Ryan


    Tim Ryan was brought up in rural Bairnsdale and lived for the love of sport from a very early age. His natural talent with the oval ball saw Tim selected for high profile football clubs such as the VFL Port Melbourne and he was likely on the cusp of being drafted into the AFL Melbourne Football club in 2002 when he started experiencing double vision.

    A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis soon followed, along with other symptoms affecting his mobility, balance and fatigue levels. In time, Tim felt well again and returned to work coaching school age children in a variety of sports, which he loved.

    His attempt to return to his normal “invincible” self however was short lived when he realised he could not run or kick a football any longer. Cleverly Tim diversified his professional life and changed roles to one with an international airline carrier requiring less mobility and continued his passion for sport, when he took up wheelchair basketball.

    With the love and support of his wife, baby, family and friends, Tim is an enthusiastic fundraiser for MS and hopes to one day run and kick the football with his daughter when that elusive cure is found for multiple sclerosis.

    Tim is an inspirational speaker for MS and we are delighted to have his support. He knows how to think outside the square and shift the goal posts to continue to strive for success, even when the chips are down.